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Is abortion legal in Pakistan?

Lack of clarity has made life difficult—and dangerous—for millions of women

ایمپریس مارکیٹ کے متاثرین کا کیا بنا؟

گیارہ نومبر 2018 کو ایمپریس مارکیٹ پہ ہونے والی انسدادِ تجاوزات مہم نے کم از کم تین ہزار پھیری والوں کو متاثر کیا
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Afterlives of the Empress

It took one day to evict informal vendors from Empress Market. It has taken a year—and counting—for them to rebuild their lives.  
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Indigenous iterations of azaadi in Kashmir

Tracing the life and legacy of Maqbool Bhat

Karachi’s Missing Children

Why are rising rates of infanticide not a pressing issue for Karachi's police?

The Kashmir Dispute – A Timeline

India and Pakistan have been locked in a territorial dispute over Kashmir since 1947. This timeline charts the history of the region and the conflict
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India Scraps Kashmir’s Special Status Amid Statewide Crackdown

Indian has revoked Article 370 of the Constitution that gave special autonomy to Kashmir. What does this mean for Jammu & Kashmir?