Aug 24, 2019


سوچو سمجھو لکھو


One khokha, one thousand lives

In June 2019, the CDA, during an anti-encroachment drive in the city, bulldozed over a 102 licensed khokhas without notice. The khokha owners of Islamabad are now combating CDA in Islamabad High Court for the right to operate their licenced stalls. Sharafat Ali, a 30-year-old clerk, eats three...

Bad doctors by the dozen

Who are these doctors accused of administering steroids, admittedly afraid of police raids, and yet running successful practices? Asifa, a frail woman in her mid-20s, recently resumed her job after taking a week off. She works as a house maid in Lahore and regularly experiences palpitations and...

Silencing journalists, one tweet at a time

Why is the government so concerned about a social media platform that is only being used by about two per cent of the country’s internet users? On July 4th, an organised campaign, #ArrestAntiPakJournalists, began trending on Twitter. Using Tweetbinder, a trend analysis website, Soch Writing...

Can the Pakistani job market afford graduates?

After a lifetime of investment, can most graduates today afford basic expenses such as rent, transport and food? Twenty-five year old Samir has switched jobs three times in the two years since he graduated from the Lahore University of Management Sciences —arguably the ‘best’ university...

What digital media ‘gets away’ with

Whether its reports about aliens or sex, why is it that digital media appears keener to take risks than print media? A few weeks ago, Talat Aslam, who has been editing The News’ pages for many years, found himself in an impromptu newsroom meeting; the discussion was about using the...

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Soch Videos allama iqbal
Soch Videos allama iqbal
Soch Videos allama iqbal