Sued for saying #MeToo

Criminal defamation lawsuits are rising at an alarming rate in Pakistan. What happens when you’re served?

#MeToo and the media: Mistakes we know we are making

In light of the rape allegations against the CEO of Dawn, we asked journalists how we can better report on ourselves and each other.

Indigenous iterations of azaadi in Kashmir

Tracing the life and legacy of Maqbool Bhat

Silencing Kashmir

Social media platforms are silencing dissenting Kashmiri voices. Soch investigates how, and why.

Karachi’s Missing Children

Why are rising rates of infanticide not a pressing issue for Karachi's police?

Marching for Water

Hundreds of people from the Indus delta region marched 140 km in July this year. Their demand was simple: Water.

One Khokha, One Thousand Lives

Why then is the CDA so adamant to shut down Islamabad's khokhas?

The Kashmir Dispute – A Timeline

India and Pakistan have been locked in a territorial dispute over Kashmir since 1947. This timeline charts the history of the region and the conflict
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India Scraps Kashmir’s Special Status Amid Statewide Crackdown

Indian has revoked Article 370 of the Constitution that gave special autonomy to Kashmir. What does this mean for Jammu & Kashmir?

“I am part of you”

Jalila Haider is here to stay, to challenge the present order, and rebuild the future for her community. In these pursuits, she is relentless.

What the Jharu Embodies

If the forced identity of Pakistani Christians has become sanitation workers, then the symbol most commonly associated with them is the jharu.

A Culture of Rape

Rape culture in Pakistan is the embodiment of a constant power struggle; one that is carefully nurtured and disdainfully disregards that female wounds are deeper than male ‘desires’.

Quetta’s Missing, Dying, Dead, and those Left Behind

Communities in Balochistan have been protesting for over a decade. Can anyone hear them?