Dec 16, 2019


سوچو سمجھو لکھو


“I am part of you”

Between Jalila Haider’s practice as a lawyer in the district courts of Quetta and as an activist for the rights of the Hazara community, there is little rest and an even smaller window to catch her to talk about her life. This past winter Jalila Haider was part of a pro-peace talk in...

What the jharo embodies

What can be more ordinary than a jharu? Yet how many of us have even used a jharu? Would you touch a jharu? When can a jharu be auspicious? Where can it be kept in a house? When does it becomes emblematic of inauspiciousness and filth? The Pakistan Army has rectified an (clerical?) error they...

A culture of rape

Rape culture in Pakistan is the embodiment of a constant and carefully nurtured power struggle, which disdainfully disregards that female wounds are deeper than male ‘desires’. Last month Pakistani media was flooded with an upsurge of rape cases. The body of a 10-year-old girl who had been...

Quetta’s missing, dying, dead, and those left behind

Communities in Balochistan have been protesting for over a decade. Can anyone hear them? Last month I travelled to the border city of Quetta, Balochistan shortly after a terrorist attack killed 20 people at a vegetable market in Hazarganji.  On the flight from Karachi, I sat next to a Hazara...

Smartphones and the fight against sexual harassment

The smartphone’s role as a whistle-blower on society is probably least available to those experiencing the heaviest brunt of social injustices. A few years ago, there was a moment in India, when a Kerala-based excise commissioner, suggested that men who stare at women for longer than 14...

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Soch Videos allama iqbal
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