Dec 16, 2019


سوچو سمجھو لکھو


Something stinks in the Capital

Will Islamabad's single-use plastic ban help control the city's sprawling landfill sites? On August 14, a blanket ban on plastic bags was imposed in the federal capital. Islamabad’s two million residents each use between three and four plastic bags a day, according to officials. Once...

Karachi’s Missing Children

[TW: Violent imagery, death] Station House Officer Nadeem Baig met me at his office at the Liaqatabad police station in Karachi – a region where a number of infanticide cases have been reported. I sat down, he offered me a cup of tea, we exchanged pleasantries and he told me about his...

Marching for water

Earlier this summer, close to 1,500 farmers marched to Thatta to protest against water shortages in their villages. This was not the first march to save the Indus Delta, nor will it be the last. The sun beat down on the parched marchers as they made their way up to Thatta from Kharo Chan,...

One khokha, one thousand lives

In June 2019, the CDA, during an anti-encroachment drive in the city, bulldozed over a 102 licensed khokhas without notice. The khokha owners of Islamabad are now combating CDA in Islamabad High Court for the right to operate their licenced stalls. Sharafat Ali, a 30-year-old clerk, eats three...

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Soch Videos allama iqbal
Soch Videos allama iqbal
Soch Videos allama iqbal
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