Dec 16, 2019


سوچو سمجھو لکھو


Promising sex, delivering adverts

Sex sells on Pakistani social media, even without the involvement of a single sex worker. All you need is the insinuation that an individual could be entertained by an attractive host.  This story is the result of a deep dive into the rabbit hole of modern day catfishing: a bizarre...

Facebook and fifth generation warfare

Late last year Major General Asif Ghafoor, Director General, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR), created quite a stir by talking about the growth of “fifth generation warfare” and its implications for the future of journalism. In a press conference last December, he stressed...

The truth behind India’s airstrikes in Balakot

And thoughts on South Asia perpetually being on the brink of nuclear war On 26th February 2019, for the first time in over 50 years, the Indian Air Force (IAF) carried out airstrikes in undisputed Pakistani territory. Under the cover of darkness, Indian jets...

What political parties believe about healthcare

With Pakistan’s total expenditure on healthcare amassing to a mere 3 percent of its GDP, an infant mortality rate of about 9 percent (the 11th highest rate in the world according to the World Bank), and a general lack of efficient and operational healthcare delivery systems, it is pertinent to...

Afghanistan and Syria’s role in geopolitics

There is often talk of World War III in hypothetical terms. A world is painted in a doomsday scenario where the mightiest militaries on earth are facing off against each other. Using some of the most lethal weapons ever known to man, they rain down death and destruction, reducing whole cities to...

Pakistan’s biggest threat: contaminated water

Pakistan faces a crisis — a crisis that is behind an estimated 30–40% of all deaths, including 50,000 children, every year. But the killer is not some shadowy terrorist group or a mysterious virus strain, it is simply water. Every year thousands of Pakistanis fall victim to diseases like...

Soch Videos allama iqbal
Soch Videos allama iqbal
Soch Videos allama iqbal
Soch Videos allama iqbal
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